Residential and Commercial Alarms

The Rotterdam Police Department offers the service of monitoring residential and commercial alarms for our Town residents.  When your alarm is activated it alerts our alarm receiver that is located at the Schenectady Unified Communications Center (UCC).  Police are then dispatched to the trouble location.  In most cases, this service is cheaper than comparable products and provides a quicker response to an alarm activation.

The prices for Police Monitored Alarm service are as follows:

Residential – Yearly Rate $84.80 (includes permit fee but not $10.00 registration fee for new alarms)

Commercial – Yearly Rate $171.20 (includes permit fee but not $10.00 registration fee for new alarms)

If you choose to utilize this service you will need to register for the program and have an alarm installer program you alarm to be received by our system.  If you are looking for further information regarding this process you may contact the Rotterdam Police Department at (518) 355-7331 ext. 201, Monday-Friday 8:00am-4:00pm.

If you pay an Independent Alarm Company to monitor your alarm there is a one-time alarm registration fee (*New Alarms Only*) of $10.00 and a yearly permit fee of $20.00.

All of the adopted Town Codes regarding Alarms and Fees in the Town of Rotterdam can be located at

A copy of the Alarm Permit Application can be downloaded by Clicking Here.